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 We help improve the cash flow, profitability
                            and financial condition of your business.

TLC allows you to remove anxiety and unpredictability from your business-life by using a new form of flat rate billing instead of hourly billing. When we are on the phone for you with a government agency, trouble shooting your bookkeeping or having technical difficulties, none of these instances to name a few will cost you even a penny more.

The package you choose covers our time and difficulties we don't nickel and dime.

We know that businesses need experienced professionals that can get the job done right the first time and that's what TLC have been doing for years.

The flat monthly fee for a service package is all inclusive, that means you pay one flat fee period.

Our goal is to help like minded business owners and those struggling to maintain critical revenue streams by offering our services packages for less money than a minimum wage employee. By being fast and accurate, due to decades of experience and by having multiple clients, we will sustain ourselves; more importantly we want your business and those that depend upon your hard work to be sustained. Our hope is that as you save money you will be able to stay current on bills, promote your business and help our economy recover. If we can play a small humble role in healing a recovering financial system within our community we will be happy.

Call for a plan to give yourself piece of mind  (206)567-3668 or (916)439-1413

WBE/ESB certified company
Licensed & Bonded




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